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To help extend the life of your haircut we offer a complimentary fringe trim service as long as it is within 8 weeks of your last Room Twenty Two Hair cut service.  


No shows and late cancellations are devastating to our business and our stylists.

We will kindly ask you to pay a RESERVATION FEE when making an appointment with us to secure your booking. We understand that things can change so if you need to move your appointment PLEASE GIVE US AT LEAST 48 HOURS NOTICE and we will happily transfer your reservation fee to another booking, should your notice be within 48 hours we will in good faith endeavour to sell the empty appointment, should we be able to sell the appointment we will happily transfer your reservation fee to another appointment. Your reservation fee secures your appointment with us and is non refundable. Reservation fees are £30 for all technical services. A link will be sent to you to pay your deposit, once your deposit is received your appointment will be confirmed.



As a service provider our aim is to run to time. However we are aware that occasionally life can get in the way and unexpectedly both clients, or our team can run late. For this reason we offer our clients a 10 minute cut off period from the scheduled booking time before having to reschedule the appointment. In return we ask that you are equally as understanding if our team are running late for your appointment. 


Should you cancel you appointment less than 48 hours before the scheduled time - or should you miss your scheduled appointment - you will be required to pay a 50% reservation fee to secure future bookings.




All clients are required to have a sensitivity test at least 48 hours prior to their first colour appointment and within 12 months of their last colour.


Our award winning colour process may be a little different to what you’ve experienced before. If you’re new to colour with us we highly recommend you to have an in depth 30 minute colour consultation at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This will allow us to assess the chemical history of your hair, test for sensitivity and complete a strand test which will enable us to guarantee we can colour your hair both safely and responsibly.


Creating corrective colour, balayage or better than natural trend looks is a highly skilled and delicate process. It will take time, patience and numerous visits to get to the required end result. It’s also worth noting from a cost perspective that most corrective colour or colour transformations will need at least one further “follow up” appointment within 4-6 weeks following the first correction appointment to ‘refine and balance’. It’s impossible to quote for this service over the phone or internet, an in salon consultation is required. 


Those wishing to achieve a lighter colour of 3+ levels are required to have a strand test prior to their appointment to ensure we can colour your hair safely. 


A quick, no fuss camouflage colour appointment is offered to regular clients wanting a top-up option between main colour services. This 15 minute colour appointment allows one of our stylists to touch up your grey 1 inch either side of your parting, and around the front of your hairline. Perfect for when you need a quick fix for an important occasion but perhaps are not ready for a full colour service.

Camouflage appointments can be booked no more than 4 weeks after a full colour service.

Only 1 camouflage colour appointment may be booked between full colour appointments.

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